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Our team brings the knowledge and expertise to quickly assess your current process and resources and identify opportunities to create efficiencies and enhancements to your current state. We function as an extension of your marketing department focused on execution leaving you more time to build your brand and drive sales.



We take an in-depth look at the inner workings of how your team manages in-store campaigns so we can understand how you get from concept to execution at the unit level. We identify areas of opportunity where we can affect change and deliver dramatic improvements in time, cost and resources.



Our assessment is a concise exercise that will not disrupt your team. Information is gathered via simple surveys and working sessions, which we then analyze offsite and return with a review of the findings.


Recommend & Implement

Based on the analysis we are able to deliver detailed recommendations and an effective implementation plan that is customized for your company and benefits the overall process in accelerating Speed to Market, Reduction in Costs, Improved Communication, Brand Control.

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Auto Versioning

A unique 500 location quick service restaurant chain with 5 corporate pricing tiers and approximately 15 franchisees. Each franchisee has total freedom as it relates to pricing and needs to support national, regional and local promotional efforts. The difference in pricing creates great variability within menus and support marketing items. In the past, graphic artists have manually updated and created hundreds of individual files over a very short time period for execution of a campaign.

Store Profiling, Print Production & Fulfillment

A 1,600 unit, quick service restaurant chain with approximately 100 franchisees operating across 40 domestic advertising coops with a range of national, regional, and local promotional needs. Occasional support is also required for international franchisees with widely different menu and facility configurations.
Corporate marketing staff is responsible for coordinating multiple vendors for campaign development, versioning, print production and fulfillment. A team of five field marketing managers and two field marketing agencies handle franchisee requests to support national calendar and local needs.

  • Execute a complex campaign involving 20 different price tiers for Franchises and Corporate.
  • Manage every item across 28 different base in-store signs affected by the pricing tier.
  • Drastically reduce art versioning time from the standard two-week timeframe to meet the tight in-store delivery date.

  • Built dynamic templates for each of the 28 base art files.
  • Enabled data to be streamed from corporate and franchise pricing tiers to the templates generating versioned files by different tiers.
  • Generated 300 files in less than 3 days utilizing our auto versioning technology and process.

  • Significant reduction in time to market: from 2 weeks to 3 days.
  • Drastic reduction in cost: half the cost of previous efforts.
  • Converted a labor and cost intensive manual file creation effort to an automated process with the application of our technology tools.
  • The templates we created can be accessed in the future to quickly generate new files to accommodate price changes.
  • Managing the complexities of accommodating widely different pricing and menu scenarios, which were driving up development costs way over budget
  • Lack of a centralized system for coordinating complex projects that require multiple levels of approval.
  • Ineffective and inefficient communication; communication consisted primarily of spreadsheets and PDFs emailed back and forth among key players which often resulted in missed deadlines and costly reprints.

  • Analyzed the entire process and all elements, including production costs, campaign planning and ordering roll up process, versioning configuration, kitting and shipping needs, field communications, and accountability reporting.

  • Identified 20% savings in production, kitting and fulfillment.
  • Set up a campaign/production management system that dramatically improved communication and facilitated easier coordination with field and creative agencies.
  • Improved the project management process utilizing our reporting tool that generated weekly project status for management and highlighted production bottlenecks.
  • Established automated versioning for pricing and other variations which eliminated much of the costly mechanical production.
  • Cut two weeks from the overall timeline for national rollouts.
  • Created efficiencies in the process that made it possible to reduce the headcount supporting production process and realign resources for more field support.

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